OH lawmakers bend over for Big Sodomy

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Without nary a threat of a hate filled screaming match from the effeminates, OH lawmakers have capitulated and withdrawn abill very similar to Arizona’s, just vetoed by Guv Jan Brewer,

Ohio’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act  From Consideration – HB 376

But OH did this without the usually intolerant hatred and spewing bigotry from Big Sodomy and its friends in the state run media. No threat of a Super Bowl withdrawn by liberal Roger Goodell’s NFL. No threat of either NFL team in OH going to a Super Bowl!

Christians in particular have been the targets of Big Sodomy imposing its immorality 24/7 on the culture. So it seems Christianity will continue in silence and begin worshiping the golden calf of perversion, offering incese to the pagan idols and gods. You will not see such hatred visited upon Mohammedans as Star Trucking found out a last year. Yet Mohammedans condemn sodomy with great fierceness than timid Christians. They have no qualms hanging or beheading known sodomites, as the recent passage of anti-homosexual legislation in Uganda proves.

The largest group in Big Sodomy, Human Rights Campaign, enjoyed revenues >$36 Million in 2012 according to the IRS. It is run by David Geffen, Hollywood mogul and ringleader of the Lavendar Mafia.

From an ACA communique:

In a matter of hours after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, SB 1062, sponsors of Ohio’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act HB 376, withdrew it from consideration. Co-sponsors of the legislation were not notified of the motion to withdraw until they read it in the papers this morning. 

State Reps. Bill Patmon, left, and Tim Derickson (Photo: Ohio House of Representatives)

HB 376 had enjoyed bipartisan support and had 43 co-sponsors.The bill’s sponsors, Rep Timothy Derickson (R-53) & Rep Bill Patmon (D-10), withdrew the bill from consideration with the following statement,

“The intent of HB376 was to ensure Ohioans’ religious freedom by protecting their ability to freely worship and preventing any laws from burdening the free exercise of religion.”

“However, with the controversy that is occurring in Arizona, we feel that it is in the best interest of Ohioans that there be no further consideration of this legislation,” the statement says.        

“Protecting people’s personal liberties – religious or otherwise – is of the upmost importance to members of the Ohio House, and we want to ensure that no law that we pass in this chamber is misconstrued to be discriminatory in any way.”

The statement says the bill “stemmed from a well-meaning place,” but that they don’t want to allow for “confusion” around the issue.

“Discrimination of any kind was never the intent of this legislation. While our commitment to religious freedom remains constant, 

it is in the best interest of all Ohioans that no further consideration be given to HB376.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Butler (R-Dayton) said in a statement, 

“I respect the sponsors’ wishes on this matter, and as such, no future consideration will be given to HB376.”

Members of the House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to “indefinitely postpone” consideration of the bill later Wednesday.

After the committee meeting, Butler told Hannah News that indefinitely postponing the bill “effectively kills it.

OCA President Chris Long made the following statement, 

“The Ohio Christian Alliance, along with Citizens for Community Values, is dismayed by the actions of the legislators to so quickly scuttle 

this legislation that would assure people of faith in Ohio that they would not face discrimination by practicing their religious faith and convictions.”

“As Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, in an interview with Megyn Kelly, stated ‘Where do Christians now go to receive protection under the law?”‘ Mr. Perkins had referenced in his interview Christian bakers and photographers who were targeted with lawsuits as a result of exercising their religious right of conscience. 

ESH note: And where are Catholic prelates leading the charge to defend Christian rights of conscience in places like OH and AZ? Nary a whimper.

State entities have actually injoined lawsuits against individuals who declined to participate in homosexual weddings by either baking and serving the cake or by being the wedding photography coordinator.”

Long continued, ” The action by Governor Jan Brewer and the action by some Ohio legislators does not end the issue. 

Our First Amendment rights of freedom of religion are far too important and fundamental to all rights of individuals under the Constitution. 

To so lightly toss them aside with little regard is a crime against the ideals of freedom itself. This issue is sounding the alarm for all freedom-loving Americans.  If religious people can be compelled against their will to perform acts and services against their conscience, where does the tyranny end?”


If you agree that “Our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of religion are far too important and fundamental to all rights of individuals under the Constitution”  

Please contact these representatives & your own rep with your views:

–> To find your state rep: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/

Bill Patmon (D)
District 10

(614) 466-7954
Email Representative Patmon

Timothy Derickson (R)
District 53

(614) 644-5094

Email Representative Derickson


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