Racheting up the War on Tradition

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The War on Tradition continues, the latest salvo, fortified by the disposition of the new Bishop of Rome’s sneering at this “fashion” whim, this legalistic, obsessing crowd, manifests itself as the Most Rev. Michael Olson, the newly-ordained bishop of the Fort Worth Diocese and the second-youngest bishop in the United States, has fully and totally banned the offering of the Traditional Latin Mass in the chapel of Fisher More College, where it has been offered for the last three years on a daily basis by chaplains all approved by his predecessor bishop according to the college.

This blow comes after the students of the college raised $300,000 in about a week to just keep the school open for the spring semester (see here).

Rorate Coeli goes into great detail and analysis to explain the situation created by the 47 year old Olson. They are very restrained in the obvious outrage once should feel when pearls are taken from the faithful, and they are handed day-old pablum.

Mundabor adds in his valuable 2 cents as well here.

It did not take long for news to spread to Europe. Italy, Germany, Poland, France and others have already begun reporting. A couple of examples below:

Click here to read Corrispondenza Romana

Click here to read TradiNews

A copy of Olson’s letter to Fisher More College:

This follows the uncharitable and wicked crack down on the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) in Italy. Expect more “crack downs” on anything with the “smells and bells”  of Tradition under this liberal pontificate.

If a new bishop is willing to violate a motu proprio from the pope emeritus–without any repercussions–be assured even greater evils will be visited and perpetrated upon those who wish to be faithful, orthodox and practice the Catholic Faith, as it was always taught by Christ and His Church. The War on Tradition is “game on”. The Eye of Sauron seeks more to subdue.

ESH says another spiritual winter is upon us.


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