Vanity Fair busts Klan Parenthood

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Jill Stanek is reporting that Vanity Fair, certainly no right wing pro-life publication, has done a huge expose of Klan Parenthood on their dispensing habits of the deadly steroid NuvaRing.

From Stanek’s blog on LSN:

The article is scathing, heartbreaking, and maddening. It is hard to fathom how birth control rings could still be on the market, when the FDA concluded back in 2011 they increase the risk of blood clots, known as venous thromboembolism, by 56%, and “carry a 90% greater risk of VTE than birth-control pills with earlier forms of progestin,” according to the article. (NuvaRing uses a third generation progestin called desogestrel.)


Erika Langhart, DOA in 2011, thanks to powerful steroids in NuvaRing. Her family is suing Merck and McKesson, the country’s largest drug wholesaler.

One problem with NuvaRing is its potential to dispense spikes of powerful steroid hormones. NuvaRing has never been tested outside a temperature range of 68-77 degrees F. McKesson is being questioned over how it stores the product from their shevles till delivery to Klan Parenthood facilities.

Klan Parenthood is the largest domestic terrorist organization, bragging it killed more than 340,000 American babies last year.



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