Ash Wednesday Fireworks: Pro-lifers, shut up!

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Starting the penitential season of Lent today, Ash Wednesday, for the Roman Rite [the Byzantine and Eastern rites started Holy Fast/Lent on Monday this week, as is typically the day after Cheesefare Sunday], some fireworks in Argentina.

The land of the gauchos, that many say are closest in mentality to Americans (as in the US of A), have a firey disposition, can be an understatement.

From Blog:

Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández, Rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, speaks about the “Francis project” in a book-length interview with Vatican correspondent Paolo Rodari.

“The problem is that fanatics end up turning certain principles into a never-ending battle and deliberately only ever focus on these issues,” Mgr. Víctor Manuel Fernández, Rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina said, referring to “non negotiable” values as they are called. Fernández, who was nominated archbishop by Pope Francis, was interviewed by Vatican correspondent Paolo Rodari (who writes for Italian daily La Repubblica) and their discussion became a book entitled “Il progetto di Francesco. Dove vuole portare la Chiesa” (“The Francis project. Where he wants to take the Church”, EMI publications, pp.142, €10,90)

Yes, we can see that Francis factor is alive and well in his home country with Mgr Fernandez. All that obsessing over baby killing and sodomy, two sins crying to heaven for justice and Divine vengeance.

ESH, meanwhile, recommends the Traditional avenues for increasing piety and holiness during this time of fast and penance and almsgiving, in order to discipline the mind and body, increase the life of grace in the soul properly disposed, and offer up these mini-crucifixtions by misguided prelates, who call the most loyal and orthodox in the Church as “fanatics”, “obsessed”, “pelagian”, “rosary counters”, “fashion”, “legalistic”, “judgmental” and the list goes on infinitum.

Let us count rosary beads, then, since this please the Mother of God, the Theotokos, who knows much more what Her Son desires, and how She can intercede for us before the fearsome judgment seat of Her Son, much more so than weak, prevaricating men.

It is our greatest weapon, and seemingly only hope, against the powers of darkness and the prince of this world.


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