Craig on sodomites: fired after 1 day by libs at Fox Sports…

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Call it what you will, mostly PC correctness with the dictatorship of Big Sodomy in the drive by state run media, ex-NFL player Craig James was fired after 1 day at Fox Sports, for daring to utter something against the sin of sodomy on his own time, in non-company conversations.

If he had bashed Catholics, pro-second amendment defenders or something like that, he’d like have gotten an Espy award or something similarly rotten this year.

The Liberty Institute is assisting James legally as he has filed a formal discrimination complaint in his home state of TX.

From the LI blog:

Following receipt of Craig James’ formal complaint, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) issued a Charge of Discrimination against Fox Sports Southwest for terminating the on-air position of well-known college football analyst Craig James because of his religious beliefs about marriage. The Texas agency will now undertake an investigation of Fox Sports Southwest. Liberty Institute filed the complaint on behalf of Mr. James, who retained the national group of religious freedom attorneys to prosecute his employment religious discrimination claim in late 2013.

View an online copy of the Charge of Discrimination against Fox Sports.

“The Texas Workforce Commission issuing a Charge of Discrimination against Fox Sports Southwest and conducting an investigation is a serious step toward holding Fox Sports accountable for violating the law and the religious liberty of Craig James,” said Hiram Sasser, Liberty Institute Managing Director of Strategic Litigation.

ESH wishes James all the success against these lavender mobsters, who are the opposite of all the blubberly luv, luv, luv they chant with their intolerance, bigotry and anti-Christian zealotry.

He likely won’t get WH tweets for his bravery and courage in fighting monolithic Big Sodomy from the First Kenyan kommie or Moo-chelle.


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