Protestant pastor switches to winning team

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In a joyous kind of statement, a protestant pastor shocked his “non denominational” audience recently, announcing he and his wife were converting to–gasp!–Catholicism. Well at least he’s getting back to the winning team, the only Church founded by Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

All Christians, when baptized are in fact baptized into the Catholic Church. It’s just usually shortly after that they elect heresy and leave the only church, outside which there is no salvation. The dogmatic principle, which can never be changed, is called “Extra ecclesia non salus est” defined dogmatically, inter alia, the Council of Florence [17th ecumenical council, 1439 AD].

Truly there is no “ministry” outside the Holy Orders instituted by Christ on Holy Thursday at the Last Supper. Hard as it is to hear, these “pastors” are all just heretical laymen who are confused.

Pastor Ulf Ekman told his congregation Sunday that he and his wife are converting to Catholicism (Image source: Word of Life)

Ulf Ekman, pastor and founder of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden, told parishioners Sunday during his sermon that he and his wife, Birgitta, have experienced a theological change-of-heart, Charisma News reported.

Let’s pray and hope Ekman will keep his senses about him as he meanders through the bureaucracy of the conciliar church and gets in touch with Tradition, so he doesn’t have buyer’s regret later.



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