Abortoholic feminazi prof attacks teenage pro-lifer

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Fox News will be giving a special broadcast section to this event tonight Fri Mar 14 on the Kelly File (9 ET, 6 PT).


Thrin Short, 16, attacked pro-lifer

A teenage pro-life demonstrator who claims she was assaulted by a “feminist studies ” professor at the UC in Santa Barbara during a campus event this month told FoxNews.com she is more determined than ever to protest against baby kiloling abortion.

Thrin Short, 16, and her sister Joan, 21, had handed out nearly 1,000 informational pamphlets during a March 4 outreach event organized by the Riverside-based nonprofit Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust before things took an unexpected turn.


Feminazi “professor” Mireille Miller-Young, alleged violent attacker of the teenage pro-lifer

Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young approached the demonstrators and a group of students who had gathered and she became violently incensed, according to Thrin Short, eventually snatching a sign the girl was holding and walking off with it.

Short said she suffered minor injuries during the melee — scratches on both wrists — and said campus police are now reviewing the video.

The school is also seeking to dodge potential lawsuits by acknowledging the incident took place, but without further comment.

ESH says stay tuned for more on this breaking story, the fireworks may be just beginning out in LALA land.


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