‘Tolerant’ Quebecois wants to dictate what religions believe

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The intolerant and bigoted PC crowd in Quebecois, that Canadian bastion of anti-Christian sentiment in what was once a shiny star for French Christendom, wishes to dictate to Catholics what they will or won’t believe.

Even the secular libs in the US find such impudence offensive from a government, which really has no business telling a religion what it will or won’t teahc, what it will or won’t believe.

The Frenchy fromage smelling Quebekers say that the Church teaching her true doctrine of being the one and only true church, outside which there is no salvation, may hurt the feelings of some lesser pagan religions such as the religion of peace and love, Mohammedanism. So they propose to outlaw Truth.

From the Catholicism.org website:

“The Canadian Supreme Court is set to decide whether teachers at private religious schools in the province of Quebec will be allowed to share their faith with students, in a case concerning a Catholic high school that is being forced to teach students in an ethics and religious course that all religions are the same.

“It is the same thought process that has been the genesis for prohibitions on blasphemy in other jurisdictions. The whole idea behind blasphemy laws in some parts of the world is that you don’t want to offend different religions, and so what they (the Quebec government) do is argue that they promote tolerance and understanding, but rather they want to control what is said,” Gerald Chipeur, Q.C., of the Canadian firm Miller Thompson LLP, told The Christian Post in a phone interview on Wednesday. Full report is here.”

The principle is called “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus“.

ESH recommends the following as a good starting point to edumacate yourself on this important, eternally impactful topic. No extra charge for helping you save your immortal soul from damnation.


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