More death centers close in TX, AL…

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Amerikka’s chickens have come home to roost!

That was the famous anti-USA diatribe of the Kenyan kommie’s friend from Chicago, Rev Jeremy Wright. His leftist hated-filled lectures are now legend after being exposed for the bigotry and racism he harbors in his heart for things white.


Other chickens are coming home to roost elsewhere. But this time, it is more in the “you reap what you sow” department of life. A number of death clinics in TX (2), FL (1), CA (1)  and AL (1) have announced they’re shuttering their doors rather than comply with reasonable state health laws that apply to all similar medical type facilities.









Whole Women’s Health announced on Mar 6 that its surgical abortion clinics in McAllen and Beaumont, TX  have permanently closed due to the new law passed last year that requires abortion facilities to meet minimum safety requirements, including hiring only abortionists that maintain local hospital privileges. The McAllen location had “temporarily” closed in January.

Surgical abortion clinics are not the only ones closing. Planned Parenthood’s office in Sunnyvale, California, which offered only medication abortions (mifepristone, sometimes called by its antiquated “RU-486”) shut down in January.

So far in 2014, seven surgical abortion clinics in four states have announced closure with one abortion pill clinic closing. Those states are California, Florida, Texas, and Iowa.

One of those abortion clinics, the Family Planning Associates in Montclair, California, remains closed as of this writing, but has obtained a potential new location, but has yet to clear several legal hurdles before reopening.

This continues the trend of abortion clinic closures documented by Operation Rescue, which maintains the most accurate list of abortion clinics in the US In 2013, a record 87 surgical abortion clinics and 6 abortion pill-only clinics closed.

ESH is hoping for even more closings of baby murder centers in the coming months.

It is heartening that abortion pill clinics are struggling to keep their doors open, even as racist domestic terrorist groups like Klan Parenthood have successfully lobbied for the Regime to provide abortion pills like Plan B OTC to girls of ANY age, even 9 or 10 yrs old, no questions asked, to any willing buyer, male or female, and have taxpayers pay for it under Obamacare.



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