Bravo, Fr Joseph Klee!

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ESH reprints this from Matt Abbott’s latest piece in Renew America on Fr Joseph Klee and his two man defense of marriage last week in the Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington.  ESH agrees with Abbott: bravo, Fr Joseph Klee! He is an extraordinary consecrated and dedicate priest who tirelessly defends the innocent preborn and the unchanging doctrines of Holy Mother Church and Jesus Christ:



March 27, 2014

Bravo, Father Joseph Klee!

By Matt C. Abbott

The following report (slightly edited) was written by Father Joseph Klee, a priest of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio:

Well, the first attempt at a new initiative is often met with limited participation. Sometimes it takes a few times, or a few years, before it catches on. I do understand that all of the people fighting the good fight – the unpopular or ‘less interesting’ causes – are spread really thin and can’t do everything. I understand that they/we must choose our battles.

So, I would guess that this was the case with the ‘St. Joseph Crusade for Marriage’ on Saturday, March 22. (This was a series of rallies sponsored by the noble America Needs Fatima apostolate that has been extremely successful in promoting thousands of local rosary rallies in towns and cities across the U.S. every October).

Nevertheless, in the end, the event was a hands-down success! How can I say this? By the indisputable criterion of any Catholic counter-cultural initiative, namely, zat zee polize zhowed-up!

However, given the urgency of the marriage situation in this country, I can’t think of too many greater priorities, other than the seemingly-endless fight against the abortion holocaust. The forces of darkness are bent on destroying marriage, and so many alleged supporters of marriage seem to have given up. They seem to think the evil one has won this battle, with state after state permitting the destruction of marriage.

Anyway, despite significant advertising of this campaign – via Facebook, email, an article in the Diocese of Columbus’ Catholic Times, mentions on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio, and in local parish bulletins – I was the only one attending this rally, at the very heavily-travelled intersection (the ‘Five Points’ intersection of five streets in Upper Arlington in Columbus), at least until late in the noon hour that this rally was held.

Actually, one semi-incoherent man, wearing dark sunglasses, stopped to share a Fundamentalist tract with me and invited me to his small non-denominational church. I kindly declined, but rather invited him to the fullness of Christianity, namely, the Catholic Church.

Finally, an old friend of my dad arrived, and with a wry smile quoted Our Lord that ‘…the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few’ (Mt. 9: 37), whereupon I countered, ‘Yeah, practically non-existent!’ and then asked him if he wanted to convert me away from my cassock-wearing, rigid Catholicism(!) He said no, and so we then unfurled our impressive 3′ x 10′ banner with the bold message ‘GOD’S MARRIAGE = 1 MAN + 1 WOMAN’ and began our prayers and songs, invoking St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Mother and foster-father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many people driving by gave affirming toots of their horns, and we had a few of the predictable raspy-voiced (shades of the soundtrack of the movie The Exorcist) denunciations hurled at us … then the cops arrived. I was chatting with the daughter of an old friend of my parents, who had just arrived to offer her kind praises, when an officer asked her if she’d been the one who had called to complain. She said no, that she was in support, whereupon the officer – with a grin; I daresay he was on our side – said, ‘A woman called to complain that she was offended with their exercising their constitutional rights.’ We chuckled, and I responded that the officer should’ve suggested she move to Russia(!)

Oh well. There’s always next year. Although I don’t know how much longer Our Lord will be allowing this globe to keep spinning and for man to keep mocking Him.



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