Forbes ‘writer’ hating on real saints…

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Seems an anti-Catholic “writer” at Forbes magazine has no compunction of slandering true saints of the Catholic Church, such as Blessed Pius IX and Pope St Pius X, both of them foes of modernism, liberalism and the devil-worshipping upper eschelons of the freemasons.

For that they were bludgeoned by this John Farrel dude as:

“The latter [Pius X], in particular, for all of his good-hearted pastoral care for the spiritual needs of Catholics, was also unapologetically anti-intellectual.

“And Pius X fully approved the Vatican’s harassment and public humiliation of Catholic scholars deemed even remotely unorthodox.”  That’s SAINT Pius X to you, ignoramous. Sorry, if that is less than charitable. Would you defend a famly member, especially an integral saintly one, if some stree urchin insulted him or her? Need I say more.

If ESH was any kind of St Nicholas of Myra, the present this ragamuffin would get was one of the latter’s famous Arian punches to the nose.

This diminutive intellectual dwarf could not have as much wisdom in his entire being as did St Pius X in his little pinkie.

Witness his profound expose, analyses and prophetic voice on the “synthesis of all heresies”: modernism, whose ravages we see around us with daily reminders in the conciliar Church. ESH would say his landmark encyclical on Modernism, Pascendi, is by far his best, with reputed help from his apologetics equal secretary of state, Merry Cardinal de Val, author of the Litany of Humility [something, ESH thinks, the present occupant of the papal office could use more of in a genuine, non-self promoting way].



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