Pro-life sometimes its own worst enemy..

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It’s invariably true that a movement will sometimes, despite all assistance to the contrary, actively act and seek to be it’s own worst enemy.

This is particularly true in the scientific matters of the life issues. Now a judge recently upheld AZ’s part of their new pro-life law placing further restictions on mifepristone/Mifeprex. Yet, LSN, inter alia, recalcitrantly insists on calling mifepristone by its antiquated name whose usefulness ended in 1988.

For example, it is a shame LifeSiteNews, author Jill Stanek, NRTL, Ohio RTL and many other groups continue to use the antiquated name “RU 486” when they have been repeatedly educated that drug nomenclature is mifepristone/Mifeprex for this human steroidal anti-progesterone pesticide.

Experimental naming conventions (e.g. RU486) are dropped once a drug comes to market; mifepristone came to market in 1988. That’s 26 YEARS AGO!

This makes pro life sources look like rubes who are not up to date with scientific info. Are there not enough other difficulties in the life battles to be stiff necked and irasicble on such topics? ESH has strived to fraternally coax and educate these folks.

Here’s part of the exchange with Jill:

.@EastSideHunky I’m using the name most ppl know. And it’s more twitter friendly.

‘We are not a medical journal”?  Seriously? What does scientific precision and  accuracy have to do with what category of journalism you find yourself reporting as? ESH, says nothing.

Let’s stop being our own worst enemies folks. It’s hard for the low info voters to take pro-life seriously, especially when we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Why is it important? Because it reflects on the accuracy and precision of what pro-life does and says regarding a powerful steroid that Klan Parenthood says is used in about 17% of the 1.2 million supposedly estimated annual abortions in the US.

Here’s more info on mifepristone and how the drug ella, available by prescription at any willing pharmacy, is nearly identical chemically to mifepristone. Wonder why the FDA put lots of restictions on one and is loosey goosey with the other?



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    […] of Health Services. They ban women from taking the most common abortion-inducing drug – mifepristone/Mifeprex sometimes known by its antiquated experimental name–RU-486 – after the 7th week of pregnancy. Women had been allowed to take the abortion pill through 9 […]

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