ME pharmacist files lawsuit on Canadian firm filling Rxs overseas

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The president of the Maine Pharmacy Association has filed a complaint with state regulators alleging that a Canadian company broke state law by selling him generic drugs from prescriptions that were filled in India, Turkey and Mauritius.

You can be cynical and say, like the Winnipeg (Canadian, eh) attorney, that the complaintant has a financial interest in filing the complaint. What of the 1000s of citizens who don’t know whom to turn to for redress on this matter? What if their meds get lost? Stolen? Damaged? What kind of customer service do they get? Bet it’s not the rectal exam the various state boards of pharmacy give here on the mainland. will they have to call Bombay and speak to someone who can barely speak English? Or not at all? Maybe they have as much a chance of successful outcomes as an abortion mill in NY has of being inspected once every 10 years!

Bet it’s not Jake from State Farm with khakis!

This is an interesting turn of events. Technically, he seems correct in stating that this Canadian firm was using unknown “pharmacies” to fill scripts for Mainers in countries that are not known for the highest quality or stringency in specifications. After all, they don’t have to abide by the burdensome and quantity of rules and regulations facing pharmacists in the US, regardless of what state.

ESH is going to go with safety on this one. Who knows what kind of elephant or goat dung that is proximate to the mortar and pestles in the named countries? It’s only the health of US citizens, right?


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