KC archdiocese first to break with GSA, Peoria and others right behind

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The Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS is about to formally break ties with the increasingly radical feminazi, leftist and pro-Klan Parenthood/eugenics Girl Scouts of America (GSA).

The Diocese of Peoria, already with replacements for the increasing strident pro-sodomite Boy Scouts, is close behind, as are other dioceses around the USA.

The article explains that the archdiocese has concerns about both GSUSA and its international umbrella organization, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

According to the article:

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann and the Office of Evangelization and Catholic Formation for Youth have received numerous impassioned letters asking the Church to look into these areas of concern. We have diligently researched he concerns (see timeline below) and worked with priests, parish Girl Scout leaders, Mid-Continent Council of Girl Scout leaders, and top representatives from the national office of GSUSA. We continue this dialogue today, but find many troublesome areas of disagreement.

The article continues that Archbishop Naumann, through his priest advisory council and the Youth Office, is asking priests, Girl Scout leaders, and parents, to meet and discuss these areas of deep concern about WAGGGS, “the role models that are held up in the Girl Scout materials, website, and blogs, and the prudence of supporting and funneling our children into a world view that is often in opposition to fundamental Catholic beliefs.”

There won’t be a vacuum. Other, more wholesome and God-centered groups are on the radar for KC and other dioceses. American Heritage Girls has made its way into many areas to fill the void of a jettisoned GSA. The Diocese of Little Rock, AR also has an AHG chapter.

Breitbart News’ Austin Ruse has exposed the most recent events that have been causes for concern about the Girl Scouts organization, including the revelation that its spokesman,Josh Ackley, was a member of a “homopunk” band that made videos depicting a woman being strangled, while Ackley sneered, and another featuring a young man, possibly Ackley himself, feigning masturbation.

Ruse reported that, when confronted with Ackley’s activities, the Girl Scouts kept him employed while the organization simply scrubbed his name from their media. GSUSA then replaced Ackley with abortion advocate Kelly Parisi, former Vice President of Marketing and Communications of the Ms. Foundation, founded in 1973 by Gloria Steinem.

Similarly, as Breitbart News’ Tony Lee reported, the Girl Scouts organization also promoted Texas gubernatorial candidate and abortion advocate Wendy Davis (D) as an “incredible” woman who deserved to be on the “women of the year” list. This event triggered a national boycott of Girl Scout cookies this year.

Then, in February, Ruse exposed the fact that the Girl Scouts organization had hired Krista Kokjohn-Poehler, a lesbian married to Ashley Kokjohn, for a job titled “Girl Experience Officer.”

Holding up Gloria Steinham, Betty Freidan and other gals from NAG are hardly the kind of typical heroes young, blossoming girls need as role models. This is a fight for the soul of many traditional, patriotic groups being invaded purposely by community organizer, anti-Christian and radical abortoholic & sodomite types.


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