Follow the money: Magic Johnson wants to buy Clippers…at a discount!

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So, is this the end of the golden rainbow for Magic Johnson? Today it was reported on Yahoo sports news that he and his group lust for the embroiled LA Clippers NBA franchise from the alleged incindiary commentor  81 yr old owner, Donald Sterling. He and his group pulled a similar stunt when they bought the LA Dodgers baseball team not that long ago.


Magic Johnson, the supposedly HIV infected serial polygamist, is seen as the ultimate cleanser, Miralax if you will, for the NBA’s perplexing imbroglio with taped messages alleging Sterling and his half Hispanic, half black concubine, 31 year old Vivian Stiviano. His group wants to be positioned to buy the Clippers after this obviously contrived fire sale was a set up of a known racist, for decades.

Timing was all that was needed to help line up the public opinion to force a Sterling sale of his team by his fellow Jew, NBA commish Adam Silver.

NBA plans Tuesday news conference on Sterling

The Clippers are in the midst of being in the NBA playoffs, which normally would increase their estimated $700 million market value. Can this contrived scandal lower the asking price and speed up a sale? what if Sterling didn’t want Stiviano taking pics with Johnson because he was aware of Johnson’s scheming to get the Clippers?

Just follow the money trail. The NAALCP (for liberal colored people only!) has taken money over the years from Sterling, in their usual shake down fashion. They even gave Sterling an award, and he’s up for a lifetime achievement award from them again. Or he was. Enter the faux outrage over Sterling’s alleged remarks.

Stay tuned to see who wants to get their hand in the cookie jar, now that the drive by state run media has come to the assistance of the feigned indignation racism industry. Notice how quickly the Kenyan kommie and the Regime couldn’t resist butting in to a local matter ONCE AGAIN. Was he speaking stupidly?

ESPN, always PC and chiming in, has called for fans to boycott the playoff games of the Clippers. Maybe the fans should do the same to the lib-led ESPN/ABC/Disney conglomerate that unjustly fired Rush Limbaugh when he criticized their racist need to be cheerleaders for a-then average playing QB Donovan McNabb?



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