$14 Mill for Yasmin victim wheelchair bound woman

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Mariola Zapalski suffered a severe stroke in 2007, just 13 days after she began taking the birth control drug Yasmin. This April 18, she and her husband, Rafal Zapalski, won a settlement for $14 million after the stroke left Zapalski unable to walk.

Zapalski was just 37 years old when she was prescribed Yasmin. Her doctor, Zbigniew Aniol, never warned her the drug carries a greater risk of stroke for women over 35, as well as those with hypertension.

The abortifacient Yasmin is called a so-called “oral contraceptive” but very often is an abortifacient preventing implantation of a newly conceived child.

Zapalski won a $2.5 million settlement from Resurrection Medical Center, the hospital that referred her to Dr. Aniol, last month.

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the drug, have had to settle more than 8,200 claims that total $1.4 billion.

ESH has discussed Yaz and Yasmin previously here.


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    […] judgment against Bayer Pharma and the $2.5 million against Resurrection Medical in Chicago [see ESH post earlier today here], Resurrection Medical is part of the 2011 merged Presence Health, the largest […]

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