“Catholic” hospitals and violating the moral and natural laws, Part Deux

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Re: the $14 million judgment against Bayer Pharma and the $2.5 million against Resurrection Medical in Chicago [see ESH post earlier today here], Resurrection Medical is part of the 2011 merged Presence Health, the largest “catholic” medical system in Illinois.







Its CEO, Sandra Bruce  was ironically formerly with Trinity Health, which runs Mt Carmel/St Ann’s in Columbus, OH, both of which continue to give privileges to various local infamous abortionists [Milroy and Mervyn Samuel] and allow prescribers to write/dispense abortifacient so-called oral “contraceptives” of various stripes.

Columbus abortionist Milroy Samuel

The Columbus diocese’s lame excuse that it doesn’t run the system borders on malfeasance: Bishop Olmstead, former head of the Pontifical College Josephinum, did what his episcopal authority allows and called for in Phoenix, removing the Blessed Sacrament, offering of the sacrifice of the Holy Mass and other measures, removing the name “catholic” from a hospital not acting in that manner. Same for Bishop Persico of Erie, PA acting within his competence.

In the Motor City of Dey-twa [French pronunciation], the local “catholic” system continues to flagrantly thumb its nose at Catholic teachings and doctrine by also dispensing abortifacients and giving privileges to local abortionists, LifeSiteNews reported. The local ordinary offers stones to the faithful seeking bread.

A few other brave bishops are considering or doing similar action(s).

Then acting Pope Benedict XVI gave juridical guidance, as part of his magisterial authority under a motu proprio, on how to  effect this to the bishops:

Maybe, we can have the pope emeritus come out of retirement and make that “mess” in a truly Catholic sense, for which the current occupant keeps rooting?



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