Those pink sneakers were made for walking, Wendy

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The bad news and the hits keep coming for pink sneaker standing Wendy Davis, governor potentate in TX.

The Wendy Davis campaign has been mired with controversy and bad news. From being caughtlying about her life story to a pending FBI investigation regarding her work as an attorney, there seems to be a new controversy that comes out every week. This week is no different.


ESH thinks those pink sneakers were made for walking, not standing for 12 hrs and defending ripping tiny babies from their mothers’ wombs late in their pregnancy, Wendy. Or poisoning them with high dose steroids like Plan B, Next Choice, ella or some mechanical IUD.

Yesterday, the San Antonio Express-News reported that Bo Delp, the spokesman for the Wendy Davis Campaign for governor of Texas has resigned. ESH is unsure what “Bo” is short for or if that is his real name. Maybe it was “Beau” and he’s part Frenchie?


Delp was previously the communications manager, but was demoted from that position after the Texas state senator reorganized her communications department as her campaign faced numerous issues with Davis being caught in lies.

This latest blow to the Davis campaign for governor comes with Democrat Governors Association Chairman Peter Shumlin expressed little confidence in Davis’ ability to win the governorship of Texas. Earlier this month, a Public Policy Poll found Davis not only trailing her Republican opponent Greg Abbott by double digits, but also finding that Texas women supported Abbott over Davis for Governor.

Abortion Barbie is not happy, even with her faux blonde hair that can’t hide the house of hate in that tiny body for tiny bodied preborn humans. Into the  scrap heap of history she will go this November. Book it, Dano.


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