What exactly is a Trad Catholic?

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Curious minds want to know.  And please, don’t call the Mass of All Times the so-called “extraordinary form”…the Novus Ordo, in fact, is the derogation of the Roman Rite of the liturgy, not the other way around.


Traditional Catholics attending a Traditional Latin Mass during WWII?
No, just Catholics attending THE Mass during WWII

And for those who say it is just for dinosaurs and old fogeys, go attend a TLM anywhere and see most of the crowds more and more are people under 40, those who weren’t even born when the Novus Ordo was promulgated by the liberal Pope Paul VI.

So, Chris Ferrara, long time Catholic lawyer and apologist, asks the question, just what is a Traditionalist? Go ahead and read the worthwhile column to find his surprising setting of the table and response. Now, granted, the article doesn’t aptly discuss Catholics who fall under the other 21 or so equally valid Rites of Holy Mother Church. They often are even more full of pomp and ceremony, and royalty and triumphant overtures. Wonder when the perplexed miscreants will go after them?

But, the topic at hand and in controversy by liberals and modernists and their freemasonic cretins alike are those wascally Trads. Enjoy!



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