#ThePillKills national event set for June 7th

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The annual Pill Kills protest event has been sponsored and promoted for a number of years now nationally by the American Life League and co-sponsored by such leading groups in the area of drugs that kill preborns and harm their moms like PFLI.

This year’s event is set for Saturday June 7th nationally with various local efforts going on such as protests and leafleting at pharmacies and clinics which dispense and prescribe the common so-called oral “contraceptive”, which accounts for tens of thousands of chemical abortions annually, not to mention it is a Class A carcinogen, as listed by the World Health Organization, not exactly known as an encampment of pro-life sentiment.

In Columbus, OH, for example, a peaceful protest is set for outside a national pharmacy chain’s store to highlight the dangers of the Pill for both preborn babies and their user moms. Ironically, this chain and others are placating years of protests from anti-cigarette activists by stopping the sale of tobacco products which also cause cancer like the Pill.

You can get more info here and can even help organize or participate with the local efforts in increasing public awareness of the dangerous  and often deadly high dose and toxic steroids found in the Pill, Plan B, Next Choice, ella (the chemical cousin to the French abortion pill, mifepristone), IUDs, Implanon, Depo Provera, and others.

Now that coverage of such items is mandatory under the Obamacare’s HHS diktat, and at usually a $0 copay, the spread of use of such dangerous steroids will likely increase since there is no financial obstacle in most cases.

Here’s some more info on the Pill Kills event for this year:

SIGN UP AS A SPONSOR: Simply add your organization’s name on our web site and Facebook page by replying to this notice, AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD. This is at no cost to you.

ORGANIZE AN EVENT: National victory begins at the local level. Planned Parenthood, local pharmacies and other contraception distribution points and manufacturers are excellent venues for your event. Stand on sidewalks or other public rights-of-way. Make yours a peaceful, prayerful presence. Be sure you comply with all local laws. 

SOCIAL MEDIA:‘Like’ The Pill Kills Facebook Page to keep up to date with all the latest news. Tweet and use the #ThePillKills hash tag on your social media posts and comments leading up to and especially on June 7th.

WRITE, BLOG, POST: A deluge of national articles touting the pill will appear in newspapers, magazines and online as June 7 approaches. Write articles and letters to the editor telling the truth about contraception, and submit to your local newspapers and other outlets for publication. 

 DOWNLOAD: ‘Could your birth control kill or disable you?’  It contains links to recent headlines and studies exposing problems with the pill and other contraceptives.


 American Life League

STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood) International                                  

Pro-Life Wisconsin – WI                                

Pro-Life Waco – TX                                          

The Movement for a Better America – NJ

AMEN (Abortion Must End Now) – AZ    

California Right to Life Education Fund – CA

STOPP of Dallas- TX                                       

Human Life Alliance – USA                                           

Children of God for Life – FL                        

Frontline Pregnancy Centers / Expectant Mother Care – NY                         

Pro-Life Champions / the40film.com – IL

Operation Rescue – USA                              

Defenders of the Defenseless – RI          

Focus Pregnancy Help Center – NY          

Pharmacists for Life International – OH, TX  and elsewhere          

Jill Stanek – IL                                                    

Servants of Christ for Life, RI                      

Idaho Chooses Life, Inc. – ID

Save the 1 / Rebecca Kiessling – MI                           

Voices for the Unborn – PA     

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Right to Life Committee – CA                    

Pro-Life Warriors – OH                                   

St. Jude Respect Life Ministry – IL                             

Catholic Pharmaceutical Society – USA

SURVIVORS of the Abortion Holocaust – CA

Sacred Heart Abolitionist Society – IN

Life Boat Coffee – NE                      

Right to Life of the Central Coast – CA    

American Life League of Arizona  – AZ      

Defenders of the Unborn – MO

Right to Life of Kansas – KS

Mother & Unborn Baby Care – WI

WomanKind Clinic – WI

Four Seasons for Life – IA

Pro-Life Massachusetts – MA

Issues4Life Foundation / Walter B. Hoye II – CA

Madison Natural LIFE Pharmacy – WI

PLEA (Pro-Life Education Association – ME

Footsoldiers for Life – CA

Immaculate Conception Pro-Life Ministry – IL

Shield of Roses – CA

North Dakota Life League – ND

The Wanderer Newspaper
Napa Valley Culture of Life – CA

Pro-Life Unity – VA

Options United – CA

Catholics for Children – IN

Billboards for Life – FL

Mother of Life Center – RI


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