Abortion Barbie does Hollywood

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Looks like abortoholic Wnedy Davis, Dem candidate for TX governor got a warm and fuzzy LALA greeting at a recent appearance in Hollywood trying to ostensibly raise some much needed moola.

But because of a filibuster of a bill to stop abortions up to birth and protect the health of women and children from late term gruesome abortion, she has a reputation as an abortoholic extremist.

The abortoholic and feminazis were also fit to be tied, blaming the posters around LA on her GOP opponent, Greg Abbott. As if.

wendydavis12And when Davis was in Los Angeles for a swanky fundraiser with her left-wing buddies to help her campaign back home in the Lone State State, it was not ironic that she was confronted with posters reminding her of her single-handed defense of late-term abortions.

From HuffPo:

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis received a hostile greeting in Los Angeles Thursday morning, when life-sized posters depicting her as “Abortion Barbie” began popping up throughout the city ahead of her fundraiser there.

The posters say “Hollywood welcomes Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis,” and they show Davis’ face on a mostly-naked barbie doll with a plastic baby in her belly.




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