Blessed Pope Pius XII gets put in the pre-Vatican II penalty box!

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So, one guesses we’re back to requiring miracles, unlike with John XXIII?…is this a pre-Vatican II penalty against Blessed Pope Pius XII assessed to venerables with known and documented heroic virtues?


This despite it being well documented be was directly responsible for harboring and helping transport 400,000 Jews during WWII? Golda Meir had written highly of Pius XII after the war, and stated he was worthy of the Jewish designation of “righteous among the Gentiles”, a way of designating someone as an honorary Jew, if you will.

How much time will Piux XII spend in the pre-Vatican II penalty box?

The list of blesseds with heroic lives is endless and far more worthy, IMNHO, than recent canonizations. To name just a few, by no means an exhaustive list: Pope Piux IX, Pope Pius XII, the 4 Byzantine Ruthenian hierarchs who were martyred by the communists (T Romzha, P Gojdich, A Chira, B Hopko), Bishop Baraga, and many others.

What happened to inclusive and welcoming? The hypocrisy of liberals and modernists in the Church is almost overwhelming.


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