Obamacare pits Hippocratic oath vs socialized medicine, system

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Says the author of the article on Obamacare vs the Hippocratic Oatb:

Obamacare Doctor Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

“Obamacare was advertised to the American people as a fix for two problems: Reining in the runaway cost of health care and extending health insurance to the uninsured. Long before the law was passed, physicians agreed that major reform of health care financing, taxation and insurance could help fix these issues, which were very real. The cost of health care had ballooned from coast to coast. These steady increases simultaneously made it harder for many to afford health care or health insurance for their families, thereby driving up the number of uninsured.”

People of intellectual honesty know that Obamacare puts the welfare of the “system”, socialized medicine which will mirror the lofty errors of the VA medical system soon, above that of the patient and his/her welfare. The collective is more important than any one patient’s needs. Therein lies the truth of the one payer system that the Kenyan kommie, the Regime and the left yearn for, part of their heavenly paradise in this valley of tears.

The biggest gap of the article is that it is only from the point of view of a physician, John Ammon, an anesthesiologist from Phoenix. He also focuses on hospitals and the ACOs Obamacare is imposing on such organizations, again trying to make them current day much like the Stalinist collectivist farms from the soviet era.

He fails to mention how Obamacare and all its tenacles are destroying the profession of pharmacy, causing more and more consolidations and fewer true players in a marketplace shifting away from customer service and care to one purely of a numbers game.

Therein, with pharmacists, techs and their ancillary personnel fully consumed in cranking out prescriptions and attending to the myriad and byzantine details of the PBM world, outcomes will be poorer, patients will know less about their meds and conditions, and how to help maintain or improve health, while stats of “success” will be publicized to the masses, much like in the soviet era, and not all unlike the “successful” stats of a VA medical system gamed to keeping a ghost list of patient appointments that are rarely kept.

Will this ensure the patient is first done no harm, keeping with the Hippocratic Oath dictum, or is the system, the collective always the ultimate good, and the patient be damned?




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