The Pill Kills…Rachel Maddow head explodes

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Rachel Maddow is at it again. The lesbian TV chick on a cable station that almost never exceeds 1 million viewers for ANY of its programs, has been going ballistic over the truth campaign of the Pill Kills, sponsored by American Life League, Pharmacists For Life International and other groups.


Listen to her rant about the essential truths of the Pill:

  • it is often abortifacient and thus does kill preborn babies
  • it is seen as a direct link to breast and other cancers and this has been declared as a class A carcinogen by the WHO, hardly a pro-life front group, making it a confirmed source of aggressive cancers that Komen claims to fight but blocks the truth from getting to women users
  • hundreds or thousands of women die annually due to direct side effects of the Pill, including cancers, tumors, carviovascular issues (including strokes and blood clots), and other assorted maladies
  • it is not a policy operation by the GOP (but thanks for the suggestion!)
  • more preborn babies and moms die from the Pill by a factor of 4 to 5 fold annually in the US versus elective surgical abortion

Glad she’s helping spread the word about #ThePillKills with her regular tirades over this truth.

For more info on the Pill and its dangers go to PFLI.


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