They shoot priests, don’t they?

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WIth the all out war on the Catholic Church by the left, the Kenyan kommie’s Regime and the multiple bad actors within the bosom of the Church leads to this kind of wholesale disrespect for life, especially of a consecrated soul to Christ. Such as in Phoenix last night.

Last evening, a priest at Mother of Mercy Mission in downtown Phoenix was shot dead during a burglary of the mission church.  Another unidentified priest was critically wounded.

Sgt Steve Martos says police received a call about a burglary at the Mother of Mercy Mission near the state Capitol shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday. He says responding officers found two priests badly injured.

Martos says one of the priests had been shot and died at the hospital. He says the other priest is hospitalized in critical condition with unspecified injuries. It’s not clear if he had been shot.



One thought on “They shoot priests, don’t they?

    […] ESH reported on this early the following morning after the attempted burglary and the murder at Mater Misericordia mission in downtown Phoenix the evening of June 11. […]

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