“Tolerant” Dolan rules with iron fist, sends Wylie packing

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The jovial and lovable optics that Cardinal Dolan of NYC likes to portray, say, when he is yukking it up with his favorite abortoholic “president”, doesn’t seem to jibe with the real Dolan, the peace  loving, Michael Sam virtually hugging dove brings out the hawk’s talons when crossed by the likes of traditionalist Fr Justin Wylie of South Africa.

Some details from from Matt Abbott’s blog:

“…In New York City, there’s been talk (by the “powers that be” at the Archdiocese of New York) of closing certain parishes, including Holy Innocents Church, which offers the Traditional Mass.

“Father John Zuhlsdorf recently wrote at his blog:

    I have been sent part of a transcript of a sermon given in New York City by Father Justin Wylie at a favorite church of mine, Holy Innocents in the Garment District. Holy Innocents has been a great success story. However, a recommendation was made by a committee that it, along with Father George Rutler’s parish Saint Michael’s in Hell’s Kitchen, should be closed.
    Father Wylie has some hard words, imbued with charity and priestly concern, to those who desire the traditional Roman Rite as well as to the priests and bishops who have, for decades, abused the same through neglect or outright persecution. And you know who you are.


Click here to read Father’s blog entry in its entirety.

“Meanwhile, “gay” Masses and ministries, complete with rainbow flags, continue – 21 years and counting – at The Church of Saint Francis Xavier.”

“Well, there’s an update on Father Justin Wylie – the aforementioned priest from South Africa who gave the stirring sermon in support of orthodox Catholics in general and the parishioners of Holy Innocents Church in particular – and it isn’t good.

From a reliable source (edited):

    Father Wylie’s sermon was not well received by the ‘powers that be’ in the Archdiocese of New York. Recently he was informed that the archdiocese sent a letter of rebuke to his bishop in South Africa and to at least one other Church official.
    Father Wylie was subsequently dismissed from his position as attaché of the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations. Also, he’s not allowed to have any public liturgical engagements or function as a priest in the archdiocese, and he’ll be sent back to South Africa.
    All of this came as a consequence of the sermon. The archdiocese has been trying to stamp out any and every type of opposition to closing churches, particularly Holy Innocents.
    When the Archdiocesan Advisory Group recommended Holy Innocents for ‘consolidation,’ no mention at all was made of the daily Traditional Mass, or what would happen to it after Holy Innocents becomes part of Saint Francis of Assisi.


“Again, to read the partial transcript of Father Wylie’s “controversial” sermon, click here.”

Maybe Dolan would spend more time keeping a solidly Catholic parish open and closing down the Michael Sam wannabees at the sodomite parish of St Francis Xavier? And not so much time yukking it up with the Kenyan kommie who is waging all out spiritual and financial war on the Catholic Church, and is the most abortoholic president in US history?



2 thoughts on ““Tolerant” Dolan rules with iron fist, sends Wylie packing

    Frank Bernardone said:
    November 5, 2014 at 00:58

    Father Wylie has been sent back to South Africa, to a small parish in a very poor township just south of Johannesburg. Things are pretty run-down there. If anyone who reads this can help with a donation for upgrades for the rectory and parish office, please contribute here: https://www.facebook.com/thokozaparish?sk=app_195646697137509&app_data And pray for priest and parishioners: this is a high crime area.

      eastsidehunky responded:
      November 5, 2014 at 09:14

      Thanks Frank for this work of mercy; duly noted by the ESH

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