Solemn requiem High Mass for murdered AZ Trad priest

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The solemn requiem High Mass for murdered AZ Traditional priest, Fr Kenneth Walker, FSSP, was held yesterday in St Catherine’s Church in Phoenix, 5 days after his vicious murder and the senseless beating of fellow Trad priest Fr Terra.

ESH reported on this early the following morning after the attempted burglary and the murder at Mater Misericordia mission in downtown Phoenix the evening of June 11.

Such blasphemous violation of Traditional consecrated priests is but a natural extension of the Kenyan kommie’s war on Catholicism and the abortion-euthanasia mentality of the culture in the West. These are the bad, bitter fruits of secularism and liberal-masonic thought. Those who may assist souls in receiving grace and assisting them in their salvation are to be eliminated by urgings of the prince of this world.

Several priests from the SSPX, which has a nearby facility on Baseline Rd, were invited and attended the solemn funeral.

Full story of the requiem High Mass and pics can be seen here….



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