Enlightened Swedes imposed forced abortions, sterilizations for decades

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When arguments and discussion arise about the libertine attitudes and socialistic policies of Scandanavian countries like Sweden, invariably the argument goes these are advanced, open-minded people.

ESH sees these same liberals running Sweden did what the US and other countries are often accused of: imposed mandatory and forced abortions and sterilizations, without consent and often against the will of these single women, many of them developmentally challenged.

People leave candles and mementos during a march and candlelit vigil from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to the gates of Dail Eireann on Merrion Square, Dublin, in memory of the Tuam babies. PA

These inconvenient children, in a country that goes to great lengths to big brother it up with nature and excessively protect animals without an immortal soul, were victims to the eugenics and Nazi-like thinking of these socialist vanguards.

From the author:

What about the Swedish welfare paradise? Surely there single mothers and their children were treated in an enlightened manner?

In Sweden the ‘solution’ was to sterilise unmarried mothers. They also made some have abortions. They also had institutions in which abuse was widespread. The policy of sterilising unmarried mothers was explicitly a Social Democratic policy and lasted from the mid-1930s until the mid-1970s.

It was a form of eugenics. The mentally handicapped were sterilised and so were tens of thousands considered to be guilty of ‘asocial’ behaviour. That category included unmarried mothers.

– See more at: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/david-quinn/single-mothers-were-forcibly-sterilised-in-sweden-we-dont-hear-much-about-that-30351488.html#sthash.dP2CW6lc.dpuf



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