Cheaters cheat and liars will lie

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That sums up the ongoing soap opera-like hearings on the IRS scandal of Lois Lerner and now the new arrogant commissioner, John Koskinen, now head of one of the most hated government agencies. All under the Regime of the Kenyan kommie.

Koskinen fended off accusations Monday night that he lied to Congress on March 26 when he promised the IRS would turn over all of Lerner's emails

Rep Darryl Issa had one of the best zingers of the unusual evening session yesterday, a sentiment often shared by taxpayers harassed by the mafia-like tactics of the IRS:

An outraged Issa insisted that Americans should be able to know ‘they’re being honestly treated by your employees, especially somebody at such a high level. Isn’t that in fact a priority that should have allowed for full retention?’

‘If we had the right resources, there would be a lot of priorities,’ Koskinen shot back.

‘So the American people should believe that if they don’t have the resources to pay their taxes, they shouldn’t pay their taxes’ Issa jabbed, ‘because if the IRS doesn’t have the resources, it won’t keep records?’

‘That’s pretty much what you’re telling us here tonight, is that resources are a question of whether or not you retain key documents.’

Rep. Darrell Issa slammed IRS Commissioner John Koskinen: 'We have a problem with you, and you have a problem maintaining your credibility'
The IRS is seldom as merciful and forgiving to taxpayers who may have misplaced a receipt or incorrectly made a honest entry mistake. There is no room for tolerance at the IRS when it comes to collecting taxes at–essentially–the point of a gun, sending threatening letters demanding immediate payments with usurious interest rates and penalties doled out at whim.
And you can bet if you have a history of conservative, patriot, TEA party or pro-life work, they will be visiting you with quality time meetings frequently and without any friendly soft balls. Just attempting to use the IRS against his political enemies got Richard Nixon the 2nd article of impeachment. Here, the IRS has been used to go after enemies of the Regime. We only need the final smoking gun to verify the connection that is well known and presumed inside the Beltway.
ESH recommends that there be a quid pro quo that any taxpayer can respond to the mob like demands of the IRS with quotes of the commish…and that would be the end of their troubles!
How come there is never a computer hard drive crash in favor of taxpayers rather than the IRS bureaucracy with a multitude of smidgens of corruption erupting?

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