Sodomite front group exposed as faux “catholic”

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The pro-sodomite group, Catholics United, has been outed.

For being faux “catholic”. They are anything but of the One, True Faith founded by Jesus Christ as His only Church. These perverts are promoting the political freemasonic so-called “gay” agenda via funding of their small band of misfits by someone from the 1% missed by #OWS in their hand-wringing of a few years back: sodomite Tom Gill donated $100,000 of the annual budget of $118,00 for the group in its most recent report in 2012.

Tom Gill

Catholic News Agency scrutinized the outfit’s financial records and discovered that in 2012 its top donor was Tim Gill, the former CEO of Quark Inc, the desktop publishing software company.

The tax forms of Catholics United for 2012, the last year available, show that its entire income for that year was $111,819, with $100,000 of this coming from the so-called Gill Foundation (1% sidebar: this is how the 1% protect their mega millions and billions from the tax man/woman/person/cucumber at the lying, hard drive punking IRS.

In Europe such funding is more likely to come from the EU which uses taxpayers’ money to promote the gay agenda not only within member states but also in poverty-stricken countries desperate for aid.

According to an April 2007 article in Time magazine, Gill was estimated by Forbes to be worth $425 million. His foundation by then had already invested $110 million nationwide in so-called “gay” causes. Gill is presently VP CIO at Plantronics in the SF Bay Area–sodomy central–a company that makes business phone equipment and headsets, for those who have input for such purchases (wink, wink).

ESH says you will not see this kind of expose in the drive by state run media, by only by citizen journalists.



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