Change names of offensive teams now!

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Citizens and fans are offended by this team’s name, so they will remove the word “Washington” and replace it with something more dignified and not offensive to millions of common citizens and slandered, harassed taxpayers….  

While they’re at it, time to change the names of other teams that offend ESH and other common sense people:

Squeelers: anything associated with these knuckledraggers offends ESH. Just dissolve the franchise for the best remedy to these misanthropes

Seahawks: sounds war-like and may offend bird watchers

Giants: sounds like discrimination against vertically challenged fidgets

Packers: offends certain grocery store workers who like butchering animals for humans to devour; big no-no with vegetarians, vegans and other pagan worshippers of nature rather than the Creator of nature

Vikings: purely ethnic racism against the Nordic tribes that love bloodletting of all those folks of lands they visited including North America.

Ravens: ESH is just offended by the team, right behind the Squeelers; citing a book by author Edgar Allen Poe offends other bird watchers (they may be tied into the Seahawks, Eagles and the Hawks

Saints: offensive to libs, leftists, communists, atheists and other practitioners of self-centered man-centric false religions

Patriots: offensive to those who see America worst, not America first; how colonialistic and imperialistic can one get? You get the point….we could go on all day with all 32 teams, except ESH’s Browns, whose name only offends those Squeeler folks with their pee-stained “towels”.

How is a big time lib like Roger Gooddell [his lib old man got pantsed by conservative James Buckley in the 1970 senatorial race in NY state] going to reconcile his lib leftist past and present with the billions of $$$ generated by these offensive teams that his looney pals want to remove from all traces off the face of the earth?

A man’s gotta eat!


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