Deadly at any location: why IUD can’t get away from its bad rep

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Bad reputations are hard to come back from, and that’s true whether you’re talking about a kid in high school battling an unfair rap, a celebrity with an image crisis — or a teensy, T-shaped birth control device called the IUD.


<— here Skyla’s maker admits it’s abortifacient!


It’s something worth considering today, as the Supreme Court ruled in the Hobby Lobby case that companies can’t be required to provide so-called “contraception” coverage if it doesn’t jive with their religious beliefs. However we are actually talking about drugs and devices that are usually, if not most often, true abortifacients, and not contraceptives.

The drive by media put out the lie–soon picked up by so called pro-life, pro-family, “christian” and “catholic” media–that only 4 of the 20 methods of “contraception” are affected by the Hobby Lobby case. Maybe. Maybe not. But we know almost all of them, along with the contraceptive mentality that ensues, are abortifacient and deadly at any location or, as Ralph Nader would say, at any speed.

The decision won’t affect the most common so-called birth control methods, like condoms or the pill, USA Today reports, but it will affect what the Guttmacher Institute–the propaganda arm of Klan Parenthood– calls the most effective birth control method available: the IUD.  ESH says: hahahaha!

Guttmacher must be smoking CO or WA hookah.

The IUD is almost 100% abortifacient and it has a jaded history since the Dalkon shield incidents of the 1970s and 80s caused it to bankrupt AH Robins–its maker–and cost billions of $$$ in the 1980s, a whole lot of money even 30 years ago. That’s why the product of the 1990s, Paragard laced with copper, was discontinued. More lawsuits. Women and their preborn babies maimed and, often in the case of the babies, killed.

And so will go the thousands of current lawsuits against products like Mirena et alia.



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