Crazed abortoholic BK worker goes violent in Columbus, smashes signs

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A crazed, frothing at the mouth, violent, F-bomb laced female went on a violent attack against the peaceful educational group Created Equal in downtown Columbus, OH yesterday. The group often does bus tours near college campi, and sometimes at state capitols, as they did yesterday on the epicenter of town, the corner of Broad and High Streets.

The woman, obviously in need of dental care and a wider vocabulary, was later arrested by Columbus police for attacking the peaceful pro-life group based in Columbus. Her diatribe was laced with repeated slurs, slanders and obscenities.

During the video below, it is apparent she is (likely) on the way to catch a bus to work at the Burger King locale where she ostensibly is employed. Wonder if they had it their way when she got there? Was that the kind of free advertising they seek? Is she likely employed there today?

The woman goes on for some time kicking and attempting to destroy two truthful placard signs showing the effects of “choice” aka baby killing.

ESH and others can only pray for this mentally disturbed woman, wondering if this is the net result of decades of liberal public education which promotes the leftist, anti-life agenda. Have a look see for yourself:


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