Russian surrogates attack Ukraine air space, down 295 passenger jet

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You know it. ESH knows it. The whole world knows it.

That ex-KGB agent in the Kremlin is ultimately the one behind the downing of a Malaysian 777 jetliner yesterday morning over eastern Ukraine air space. This resulted in the deaths of 295 people on board, with speculation 23 of them were American citizens traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur.

It occured about 20 miles from the Russian border with sophisticated laser-guided and heat seeking missles.

Let’s not pussy foot around like the diplomats will. No sense wasting everyone’s time and efforts with that. Said a report in the NY Post:

Ukrainian Interior Ministry official Anton Gerashenko wrote on Facebook, ‘Europe, USA, Canada, the civilized world, open your eyes! Help us any way you can. This is a war of good against evil.’ Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine for the downed plane, while a separatist leader also pointed the finger at the Ukrainian military.

Imagine that! The perp accusing the victims of the crime! Typical Cold War Soviet era agit-prop. These no-good-niks are masters of that kind of propaganda effort. They have no conscience, no soul. Unreformed kommies bitterly clinging to their guns and Das Kapitals.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan kommie continues on his merry way of more fundraising yesterday in NY with the 1 percenter Dem billionaires, while war foments in eastern Europe and Israel and the Hamas in Gaza are on the brink of the same. The US and its allies need to provide defensive weapons–not just K rations–to the freedom loving Ukrainians who do not want the yoke of Russian soviet-style oppression on their country again, as they experienced from the October revolution in 1917 to the late 1980s. They do not want another Holodomor where nearly 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Russian communist government in 1932-33.


Way to go, putz!


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