Oh me, oh my, I’m sawwwy!

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Speaking in Italy to Pentacostals, the Bishop of Rome, once again apologized for Catholics taking their faith seriously.

Apologizing for what? That those in heresy who are outside the Barque of Peter, outside which there is no salvation, were corrected by those trying to help them save their immortal souls before they perish?

The lesson of Joseph and his brothers is actually a precursor of the 12 tribes of Israel rejection Christ, the cornerstone, not of those genuinely performing fraternal correction of those who have left the one, true Church founded by Jesus.
ESH guesses it’s just another reason for the ‘splainers and helpertons to come trotting out again and chiding us Rad-Trads for being dimwitted and not understanding Pope Bergoglio. He continues to be a center of inhumility and scandal for the faithful.



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