Inept USPS to raise rates Sept 7…again!

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Here we go again with the dysfunctional, poor service, tasked USPS raising your rates again come Sept 7.

Instagram user embranigan snaps a shot of a postal truck doing its rounds on Sunday.

You can expect higher shipping fees when you buy items online, or if you are a retailer/shipper, expect higher costs to deliver your goods/services/products to customers.

What are those increases, you ask ESH?

Pricing Highlights

Pricing at Post Offices and other retail outlets will have a modest increase of 1.7% on average, according to the website.

Proposed retail pricing:

  • Small box – $5.95
  • Medium box – $12.65
  • Large box – $17.90
  • Large APO/FPO box – $15.90
  • Regular envelope – $5.75
  • Legal envelope – $5.90
  • Padded envelope – $6.10

Proposed Commercial Base Flat Rate Envelopes

  • Commercial Base Regular Flat Rate Envelope, per piece $5.05
  • Commercial Base Legal Flat Rate Envelope, per piece $5.25
  • Commercial Base Padded Flat Rate Envelope, per piece $5.70

amazon sunday shipping

At the same time they are ramping up their new contract with, to expand deliveries to your door 7 days a week, including a knock at the door on Sunday.

Who will pay those poor little union postal carries with their POS jeeps that nice time and a half or two and a quarter’s time to work on Sunday?

Look in the mirror, Mr Sucker Taxpayer.



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