92 Million not working, 11.5 million more under the Kenyan kommie

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Nice to see the Kenyan kommie’s policies of the Regime are having the effect he intended.

Recall, he wants you dependent on the nanny state as your mommy and daddy, since you are too stupid and unqualified to do it for yourself. So true unemployment, after fluff figures are removed, is quite different than the official propaganda from the drive by state run media of 6.2%…the reality is closer to 12 or 12.5% some experts estimate.

92,001,000 Americans Not Working...

…increased by 11,472,000 since Obama

Fed workers blame lack of work for on-the-job porn surfing…

Meanwhile, VA docs languish seeing 8 patients a week and the IRS continues its criminal campaign of persecuting conservatives, TEA party folks and now, we find, various Christian denominations and churches.

O’Bama’s war on Christianity!

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