See! You deserve meanness and hate!

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Blame the victim. Go ahead. Please!

As one writer recounted Monday at The Daily Signal, The New York Times “reporter” Josh Barro thinks some people are “unworthy of respect.”

Yesterday Barro doubled-down and tweeted back at him that “some people are deserving of incivility.” He argued that Ryan Anderson is such a person because of his normal views about marriage policy.

You can see the entire exchange on Anderson’s twitter page.

The NYT “reporter” (in the loosest sense of the word) went on a long seething, intolerant, hate filled rant about all those howwible traditional marriage folks, taking time to also show his bigotry and hatred for anything Christian.

That sodomite just does not enjoy being told people will not acknowledge or say it’s OK for your unnatural perversion to continue with its deadly effects, both physical and spiritual. Hell hath no fury like a sodomite scorned!



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