Hrvatje! Udri ga!

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The Hrvatski (Croatian) people have thumped the anti-life juggernaut that was trying to make more headway in that primarily Catholic nation that once was subjugated by the communist Partisans.

In a major victory for pro-family activists in Hrvatska (Croatia), the country’s highest court has ruled that the imposition earlier this year of a controversial sex education curriculum was unconstitutional and violated parental rights, and has ordered the government to remove the entire program. The country has about 4 million people.

“Enabling parents to take part in the preparation of a curriculum is a country’s constitutional obligation,” wrote Judge Mato Arlovic.  He added that consulting pupils’ parents was “notably important in a curriculum linked to different attitudes and beliefs.”

Three known pediophiles were part of the anti-life group promoting unfettered sex education for children as young as 9. One of the chief promoters was also a graduate of the Kinsey Institute, which originally did fraudulent and criminal research on children as young as two months old in the 1940s and 50s, and beyond.

Dr. Reisman was the principal investigator for a US Department of Justice research project on child sex abuse and is the Visiting Professor of Law at Liberty University. In the progress of her research she found extensive evidence of child sexual abuse and scientific fraud in the sex research of Kinsey, sometimes called the “father of the sexual revolution,” and of the sex education field globally.

In her book, “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud,” Dr. Reisman says she exposes how “the most famous sex research project in history” was “fraudulent,” and how much of Kinsey’s data came from pedophiles and sex offenders who sexually stimulated children as young as two months old for hours at a time.


“This rivals the Nazi experiments described at Nuremberg,” she says.

Batarelo said that during her speaking tour, Judith revealed the fact that “the head of the government commission for the creation of the sex ed program, Dr. Aleksandar Stulhofer, had completed his studies at the Kinsey Institute and had co-authored a book titled ‘Sexuality and Gender in Postcommunist Eastern Europe and Russia’ with Theo Sandfort.”


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