The ugly and filthy “religion of peace” rapes nuns

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The Mohammedans have been called the “religion of peace” by the Regime’s Kenyan kommie. But most normal, non-delusional people have a better grip on reality.

The Mohammedans, by and large, are a violent, brutal, ugly and filthy set of devil worshipers, relying on almost no peace and little, paltry “love” , slandering the Redeemer of the human race, Jesus Christ the Son of God and His Ever Virgin Mother, Mary, mankind’s solitary boast.

Recently, in Bangladesh, which is 90% Mohammedan, a group of PIME Catholic sisters were brutally attacked and raped by Mohammedans in the town of Boldipuku. No doubt, their selfless service to the surrounding area residents, which harbor few Catholics and mostly Mohammedans, just didn’t cut it with this bunch of cowards. Maybe this was their version of a customer dissatisfaction survey?











Despite how unsavory and barbaric Islamic groups and persons around the world have been acting—whether Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Mesopotamia’s Islamic State, Somalia’s Shabaab—perhaps few things are as disgusting and cowardly as the Muslim rape of nuns: defenseless Christian women who sacrifice much of their lives to help sick and needy Muslims.

In the words of Bishop Sebastian Tudu “the nuns were beaten and molested, ending when police arrived.”

Catholic Online has the complete story:

[S]ome 60 men attempted to loot the building and rape the nuns… The attackers first tied the hands and legs of the mission’s two night watchmen and gagged them in the early morning hours. They then broke down the door of the room where the assistant pastor Father Anselmo Marandy was sleeping. They then raided the convent located in the mission campus…. Three PIME nuns suffered attempted rape and were sent to their provincial house in Dhaka, the national capital where they are trying to overcome the shock and mental suffering.  “It’s very sad that the sisters cannot continue to work for the people, but our sisters are no longer safe,” Rosaline Costa, a Catholic human rights activist lamented.  Local Christians are currently living in fear since the attack. Christians form only 0.8% of Dinajpur district’s three million people.

Although some of those quoted in the Catholic Online report say that this attack is “unprecedented,” the fact is, raped sisters is a phenomenon that goes back centuries with the Mohammedans.   According to “Muslim” historian Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi (1364-1442), during his raids on then Christian-majority Egypt (Copts), Caliph Marwan II (r.744–50) “made captive a number of women from among the nuns of several convents. And he tried to seduce one of them.”

Where’s Babu Bhatt, from Seinfeld, when you need him, to wag his finger at these lowlifes, as very, very bad men?




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