Mohammedan beheads unarmed Jewish journalist

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Will the real Rev Sharpton, please stand up, please stand up? Who will help make this the new Ferguson?

The religion of peace has struck again, as promised when they beheaded Catholic James Foley. This time they beheaded Jewish journalist Steven Sotloff.

So glad Mohammedans have contributed more to the USA as described by the Kenyan kommie in his apology tour to Egypt in 2009.

Here’s the video: WARNING, some is pretty graphic and not for the faint of heart:



2 thoughts on “Mohammedan beheads unarmed Jewish journalist

    bigfred42 said:
    September 3, 2014 at 10:21

    The liberal establishment has decreed that these will be censored and so youtube/google will immediately remove them. If you want people to see what the religion of peace does, then you probably need to download any such video immediately and publish it elsewhere.

    The first one is now not available anywhere that I have seen — only ones of the dipstick professional media commenting on it. I was especially interested in hearing the IS thug speaking.

    This Sotloff one is here:

      eastsidehunky responded:
      September 3, 2014 at 11:38

      Big Fred:

      ESH has full confidence that the Regime will censor what it will, the Constitution be damned, at least in the eyes of the Kenyan kommie and his racist AG.

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