Not soon enough!

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The Kenyan kommie’s fellow proletariat jingoist racist lawyer BFF is leaving the government of the Regime, for good this time. Eric Holder.

So he says.

The man who can’t run to a “crime scene” fast enough to fan the flames of leftist racist indignation, but does the slow walk with NSA violations, his department’s illegal gun running via Mexico, IRS shenanigans and the holliganism of the Regime itself in breaking dozens of laws and regulations without impugnity.

He be pimpin’ back in the day as a marxist student!

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Look for the compromising RINOs in the Senate to aid and abet the new AG coming in and being approved. If previous experience holds out, the new AG will be a dyed in the wool marxist like the Kenyan kommie.


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