He’s not the Croatian Sensation

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Despite the PR attempts to soften the appointment of Blase Cupich to the See of Chicago, the 3rd largest US diocese, the new prelate will not be the Croatian Sensation Pope Bergoglio and others hope he would be. He will be relieving sickly Francis Cardinal George. Both are originally non-denizens of the Chicago area, expropriated by the Indonesian/Hawaiian reared Kenyan kommie.

The grandson of Croatian immigrants, one would think, almost gives him an ESH hunky pass as a southern Slavic ethnic with deep roots in traditional Catholicism. No, Cupich has been long infected with the modernist, Anti-Trad bacillus for quite some time.

Prior to the motu proprio from then Pope Benedict XVI in July 2007, Cupich adamantly refused to allow a local group to celebrate the Easter Triduum under the Traditional Latin Rite. Mind you, even prior to 2007, any priest could licitly offer the Mass of All Time without episcopal approval or a celebret.

The group, mindful of the landmine politics around the matter, appeared to do this out of deference and obedience to episcopal authority. Their bad.

Cupich’s voice – as noted both by so-called “conservative” Catholics, with distress, and by liberal progressives, with satisfaction – always rings out loud and clear when the talk is of immigration or the death penalty, but he seems to get laryngitis every time there is a discussion of contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and religious freedom, or criticism of the O’Bama Regime over so-called  “health care reform” akak socialized medicine takeover by the federal government.

Significant in this regard is the fact that the Cro Cupich decided to expand the scope of the “Respect Life” office in the Diocese of Spokane, to give the fight against the death penalty the same weight as the fight against abortion. Poor him, not knowing the historical and magisterial teaching that the death penalty is needed at certain, select circumstances. He also forbad his priests from leading or participating in prayer vigils in front of abortion death camps. His bad.

He is known to be friendly to the sodomites who thumb their nose at unchanging Church teaching on the matter of same sex attraction and the perverse sewer sin they relish.

UPDATE #1: It appears as part of refusing the Traditional Rite during the Triduum, Cupich had no problem having a round of ecumaniacal indifferentism for a tenebrae service.

Cupich does not bode well for faithful, loyal Catholics languishing in the Windy City. They remain leaderless and bereft of a shepherd to defend the flock from the modernist wolves.


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