How much is your doc getting from Big Pharma?

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The so-called Accountable Care Act (Obamacare) requires manufacturers to report payments and gifts to prescribers, unless they are valued at less than $10. It’s part of a shift, supported by lawmakers of both parties, to open the books of the medical profession.

This would include all the pens, pads, toys, trinkets and breakfast/lunch/brunch/supper/lupper encounters. Some offices, in frustration, have just given up any of the latter freebies from Big Pharma.

The database is huge and may not be user-friendly especially for  pharmacies looking to glean marketing insights. And maybe increase transparency so Congress and the Regime won’t have taxpayers looking at their own in-transparency!

However, for those willing to give it a try the following link will get you to the CMS web site where the data can be downloaded.


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