Kasich, cruising to landslide in OH, disappoints pro-lifers

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While ESH would not vote for diehard abortoholic Dem Ed FitzGerald, OH Gov John Kasich does leave one mystified on the issues of life.

PFLI has  been pressing him his whole 4 yr term to appoint a pro-life/pro-family pharmacist to the state board  of pharmacy, and he has had numerous opportunities to do so. This is one of those appointments that are all his, and need no approval from the legislature. It is often used as a political plum or chip called in by donors. PFLI has no such “chips”, only defending life, the traditional family, and defending healthcare workers rights of conscience.
Now healthcare workers are stripped of their rights of conscience and preborns are killed chemically by the millions annually, via NO copay diktats of the Kenyan kommie’s socialized medicine Obamacare fiasco,  with taxpayer paid so-called oral “contraceptives”, over the counter Plan B and other abortifacients.

Instead Kasich has appointed anti-life pharmacists to the board, hostile to PFLI and the life issues, hostile to pharmacist rights of conscience to not participate in chemical abortions, assisted suicide or euthanasia, those who are tied to the pharmacy chains or other vested interests, or those who are calling in a previous political/finance raising chip.

Don’t worry, Kasich is not alone in this regard. Two term GOP governor Voinovich was the same rotten story. They both like to run as pro-life ethnic Catholics when it suits them (although Kasich is a lapsed one) but not when it comes to putting it into tangible, practical action. Kasich is of Croatian descent, son of a postal worker from McKees Rocks, PA, a working class suburb of Pittsburgh. Voinovich, with his main home along Lake Erie a stone’s throw away from Villa Angela-St Joseph High,  is the son of a Serbian father and Slovenian mother, and has long wooed the mostly Catholic Slovenian communities of northeast OH every time he ran for office, from auditor to mayor to governor to US  senator.

On top of that, it was recently reported that a top aide to Gov. John Kasich threatened to “decimate” the state pharmacy board and ruin the executive director’s reputation if the board didn’t fire the director, according to a board document released Tuesday Sept 16.

A timeline created by former board Executive Director Kyle Parker of events leading to his firing also says Kasich adviser Jai Chabria wanted Parker fired in April but board members negotiated a deal allowing him to step down by Sept. 1. But this was for political reasons, not because Kasich was defending pharmacists with a conscience!

ESH shares another point of view on Kasich…here’s the opinion column from Janet Folger, former head of Ohio RTL, and now a fierce proponent of 100% total protection for the preborn, unlike the NRTL affiliate she once led.

Opinion: Why I can’t vote for John Kasich

Janet (Folger) Porter is president of Faith2Action, the pro-active arm of the pro-family movement. She is the initiator of the Heartbeat Bill (which legally protects unborn babies whose heartbeats can be detected), the nation’s most protective pro-life law, passed in Arkansas and North Dakota and introduced in more than a dozen states.

I voted for John Kasich for Governor and was thrilled when he won. That’s because I knew him to be a man who would do what was right, no matter the cost.

Back in the 1990’s, Congressman Kasich asked me to speak at events on his behalf. I readily agreed. Then, like now, he had a weak opponent. But I campaigned my heart out for him anyway – speaking at candidate forums and even debating his opponent.

Then, when I ran for Republican State Central Committee against the “establishment” Secretary of the Party, I ran with the endorsement of Congressman Kasich. When John called me on Election Night, I told him the preliminary results were 60-40. He responded with consolation.

“Don’t feel bad,” he said. “They spent more money to campaign against you then they did me!” He rattled off all the mailers and phone calls he had received against me. When I told him it was 60-40 in my favor, he couldn’t believe it. You see, he didn’t really expect me to win, but John Kasich was willing to support the underdog if he thought it was the right thing to do.

That was back when I was legislative director of Ohio Right to Life, when we dreamed of the day we could do more than just regulate abortion. 

That day is here.

But today’s Republican establishment is too fearful to do the right thing. The Heartbeat Bill, which will protect unborn children with detectable heartbeats, passed the Ohio House last session, but Republicans in the Ohio Senate broke their promise to pass it “after the election.”

So I called on Governor Kasich. In fact, I called everyone I knew who was close to Kasich, imploring them to enlist his help to pass the Heartbeat Bill before the 2012 session clock ran out. I reached out to legislators, cabinet members, his closest advisors – and several hand-delivered a letter from Dr. Jack Willke, founder of Right to Life, pleading for the governor’s help.

He got the letter, but he did not act.

Nearly 100,000 dead babies later [in 4 years], we are still asking the governor to make protecting lives a priority.

Three weeks ago, I met with the governor’s legislative director and HHS assistant policy director, and was assured that our message to the Governor would be placed on his desk. 

Our message was attached to 70 empty baby outfits – representing the daily cost of inaction.

Some “leaders” are patting themselves on the back for regulating how and where we kill children. Their results? More than 23,000 dead babies every year in our state – the equivalent of a stadium full of people. If you think killing a stadium full of people each year is something to be celebrated, you’re either a terrorist or you’ve lowered the bar on what it means to be pro-life a bit too far.

We’ve heard the excuse that the lower courts won’t like it. No kidding. The lower courts didn’t like our ban on late-term partial birth abortion either. 

Even the Supreme Court said no, before reversing itself seven years later. 

To never challenge Roe v Wade is to embrace its bloody consequences.

I’m calling on the John Kasich I used to know. The guy who would do what was right no matter what the political establishment thought. Governor, I’m asking you to fight to pass the Heartbeat Bill as if lives depend on it. Because they do.

Break away from the status quo establishment, and do what is right – before the election. Because given the choice between supporting the political establishment and life,  I choose life.

  •     If you agree please call Gov. John Kasich (614) 466-3555

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