Brownies spank, throttle hated Squeelers, 31-10

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Brian Hoyer has risen his record over the span of two seasons to 6-2 as the good guy Brownies spanked, throttled and thumped the dreaded and hated Squeelers 31-10 on the sunny shores of Lake Erie yesterday.

After a dismal first quarter totally -8 yds of offense, Cleveland came alive on a muffed, doubled clutched FG attempt and John Hughes pancaked Squeeler punter/place holder Wing.

From then on it was all Brownies, except for a cheap Squeeler TD in garbage time with just over 2 minutes remaining in the game. Hoyer, only 8 for 17 all day, was very efficient including a long 51 yd split-the-seam throw to TE Jordan Cameron in the 1nd quarter (see below) . The Browns also increased their rushing TDs for the season to 8 with 2 by veteran Ben Tate and one by fan fave undrafted rookie Isaiah Crowell. Last season the Browns had a total 4 rushing TDs ALL season.

Q2 Jordan Cameron 51-Yard TD Catch

The Squeelers could do nothing right with pro bowl CB Joe Haden harassing Antonio Brown all day including an over the back, climb the ladder defensed pass in the end zone near the end of the game.

Browns Make Statement About How Things Have Changed for Them

It was a statement game by the Brownies against a QB would had dominated the Browns the past 10 years with an 18-1 record, that is now 18-2…two key back to back sacks in the 2nd half put the Squeelers out of field goal range forcing a punt. Buster Skreen also had an INT off a tipped ball by John Hughes. The talking heads including Trent Green, reminded the CBS audience at least 3 times about Roethlisberger’s dominance of the Browns for years, all for naught yesterday.

Several Browns were lost to injury including pro bowl C Alex Mack, who broke an ankle in the 2nd quarter after a Squeeler lineman rolled up on his ankle. Mack will be gone for the season and was replaced seamlessly by RG John Greco.

Armonty Bryant also hurt his knee in an undetermined way. Undrafted rookie CB K’wuan Williams suffered a concussion and like will be on the bench for next week’s game in Jacksonville against the Shaguars.

For the other details see here at the Bleacher Report….


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