MN vice guv candidate oversaw 10,000+ abortions at PP

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Did the running mate of MN guv Mark Dayton oversee over 10,000+ surgical abortions as VP of Klan Parenthood in MN? As they say in that part of the country, “you betcha!”

Does Peyton Manning favor the word “Omaha”?

You betcha.

Tina Smith, as the local VP of the largest domestic terrorist group should know that the issue could work against her, even in the People’s Paradise Republic of MN.

With Election Day less than two weeks away, one Minnesota pro-life group is saying voters should reject Democratic Lt. Governor nominee Tina Smith because of her past ties with Klan Parenthood.

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Smith, who has served as incumbent Gov Mark Dayton’s chief of staff since 2011, has transitioned to join Dayton’s re-election effort as his running mate. However, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says Smith’s background as a vice president for Planned Parenthood from 2003 to 2006 should disqualify her from holding the state’s second-ranking politician.

In a blog post, the pro-life group notes that Klan Parenthood did more than 10,000 abortions in MN during her three-year tenure.

But that’s not entirely true. MCCL is just counting the surgical abortions.

Recall, in its most recent 2012 report, PP brags about dispensing at least 1.4 million chemical abortifacients aka Plan B, “morning after pill” or whatever one will call high doses of the potent steroid levonorgestrel. So, figuring on some calculations of proportion, figure in AT LEAST another 80-100,0000 chemical abortions at PP under Smith, and that’s lowball numbers.


Steroids are bad for all athletes and can cause up to a year ban or longer in the NFL. So it’s OK to give them to underage, undeveloped teenagers? Girls who may be the victims of rape and incest or sexual slavery?

According to Tina Smith, “you betcha!”

PS…lemmee guess…is Dayton related to the Dayton-Hudson mega-rich group owners of Target (pron. tar-zhey) stores?


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