Hate crime! Hate crime! Hands up! don’t shoot!

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Anti-Catholicism is alive and well in the liberal people’s republic of WA state. For being so full of open mindedness, tolerance, love, love, love, the left of this leftist state have a lot of hate in their anti-god house.


Can you believe that these kind of bigoted ads even run in 21st century America? You betcha!  All PC forms of prejudice will be dealt with severely, but anti-Catholicism, like in Mohammedan states, is permitted and even welcome.

They even got a shot at the South in there, all mixed in with bitter anti-Catholicism venom.

The website is still up but the cartoon is now missing. We don’t know the authorship but the local press says that Miloscia’s opponent posted the following on her Facebook page: “There are lots of things in my opponent’s record that are fair game to take issue with. But I respect Mark Miloscia’s religion and I certainly don’t condone ANY of my supporters making attacks on that basis. I understand one of my supporters may have crossed the line of what is appropriate in that regard, and I’ve asked them to stop. This campaign should be about the issues, not personal attacks.”

That’s the statement of a Dem lefty policitian who didn’t personally authorize the ad but did the “wink, wink” to surrogates to go ahead with it. Al Capone never directly ordered a hit on his enemies, but we all know he approved of them or tolerated them when it suited his criminal enterprise.

Guess that’s how it works in commie dictatorships, and also in the people’s paradise of WA. Good thing Seattle was ranked  by Orkin as ONLY the 5th rattiest city list of rodent infestations.



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