PMS-NBC’s Ball silent on being the Gang of Ten in anti-Rush campaign

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PMS-NBC host Krystal Ball refuses to talk about her participation in the “Stop Rush” campaign targeting conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers.

That’s phunny: other times you just can’t get that leftist wench to shut up. Tell ESH this is not the look of a man-hating feminazi?

Ball secretly participated in the Stop Rush movement since becoming affiliated with MSNBC, emails reveal. But Ball did not respond to The Daily Caller’s emailed request for comment on her participation in the activist effort. That’s how known supporters of baby killing are when confronted with the truf!

“Stop Rush” is a campaign principally organized by Angelo Carusone, who is now a Media Matters executive vice president embroiled in controversy after TheDC published racist and anti-Semitic blog posts that he wrote.

Gonna take more than you and some latte sucking lefties who like to live like the rich in a trash town like NYC to take down El Rushbo, with talent on loan from God. The scattered remnants and grease spots of lefties before you, including Bubba, Hilary the Terrible, Algore and the Kenyan kommie have only grown the base for Rush, not shrunk it the past 26 years. Guess that’s why the ratings for PMS-NBC are just a fly’s butt away from the bottom on the barrel Turner-Hanoi Jane Clinton News Network.

Pack a big lunch, hun, it’s gonna be a long work day, sweetie. Oops! Ya don’t like guys talking all huggy bear and kissy face to ya babe?


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