Abortion Barbie and staffer have total meltdown

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Poor Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis…she attacked now-elected Gov Greg Abbott because…he’s in a wheelchair.

She devoted herself non stop, day and night, 24/7/365 to the satantic sacrament of voluntary baby slaughter.

And last night she paid for it politically and psychologically. She lost, Big Time. A landslide of 60-38%.

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Her campaign chair-chick had a total melt down over the loss, por favor, a la Taco style with some spicy jalapeno! Seems if women who can think for themselves didn’t vote like mind numbed Dem lefty robots, they can go take a flying leap per Miss Chelsea Natividad, whose name ironically comes from the Nativity of the Baby Jesus, whom the Abortion Barbie and Natividad would like love to see murdered by an abortionist.


Pharmer has come to the medical rescue and called for a Waambulance and some sterile saline for Wendy and Chelsea’s political wounds. Talk about SORE LOSERS or as ESH would say it, poškodovan zguba!

PS…Natividad has since deleted all her bizarre, hate-filled postings, thinking that somehow erases her diatribes off the Internet. She also needs some lessons on the immortality of postings in public venues, along with Politics Winning 101.



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